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From Russia with love!

Hi – I’m Olga! I own The Beauty Project, a boutique beauty salon in Eden Terrace, Auckland.

I’m a new kiwi. I’m originally from Russia but I LOVE living here.

My obsession is to bring the best permanent makeup techniques to Auckland. And I’ve gathered a team of dedicated beauty professionals to make it happen.

From powder brows to lip and eyeliner tattoo, Russian dry manicures, henna brows, brow lamination, and lash lifts and tints, we’ve got you. We also do laser and non-laser cosmetic tattoo removal.

If your dream is to skip your morning makeup, look stunning and honestly say ‘I woke up like this’ then we should get to know each other better! 

What's our mission at The Beauty Project?

Delivering the best permanent makeup, brow therapies and gel nails. Our goal is for every client to leave us more beautiful and stay beautiful!

We don’t do average

Our cosmetic tattoos and all our treatments enhance your natural beauty, whatever look you’re going for. If we don’t think a colour, shape or technique will work we’ll suggest a different option. It’s our job and our passion to make sure you look and feel AMAZING.

Your safety is our priority

We promise our permanent makeup won’t make you less beautiful over time. It won’t damage your skin, blur or scar.

 All our treatments are %100 safe.  Our Russian-style dry manicure uses equipment which is either medically sterilised or fully disposable.

You're in control

You don’t have to stay in a loveless relationship with your cosmetic tattoos! If you want a divorce from your permanent makeup, we provide the latest laser and non-laser cosmetic tattoo removal. It’s safe and very effective – and we’re really good at it.

No microblading or feathering

We hate to see the long-term results of microblading or feather-touch brows. Things like blurred strokes, scar-tissue and even brow loss.

What makes it even worse is that we used to offer microblading. At first everything was great. And then clients started coming back for touch-ups. We could see the damage our work was doing and realised it had to stop. The Beauty Project now exclusively uses the powder brows tattoo treatment. This is completely safe and gentle to the skin and it gives a gorgeous powder makeup effect.

If you have scars from microblading we’re trained in a removal system that can help. We can also explore a powder brow option to improve the appearance of your brows. Please get in touch.

Our staff

Our gorgeous team are truly dedicated beauty experts. Whether trained in Russia or New Zealand, they all regularly update their skills with the latest European techniques.

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