Laser and Non-Laser Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

If you have a brow, lip or even eyeliner tattoo that you’ve fallen out of love with - we can help! We specialise in laser and non-laser removal of unwanted ink from the skin.


Laser Removal

We use a Q-Switched Laser Removal process. This is very effective for old brow tattoos as well as tattoos on the body, as long as the ink is black, grey or red.

Q-Switch laser creates ultra-short pulses of light energy that break the ink in your tattoo into smaller particles. These are then removed by your lymphatic system. The procedure is very safe - there is no chance of damage to your skin or brow hair. It’s also fast - literally two minutes.

Right after your session, the treated area might be a bit red for up to an hour. The tattoo will start to fade over the next six weeks, then we can complete another session.


Non-Laser Removal

Lip and eyeliner tattoos can’t be removed safely by laser, and lasers can’t break down every colour of ink. When we can't perform laser removal we use a liquid solution instead.

First, we apply numbing cream to minimise your discomfort, then we tattoo over your tattoo. However, instead of pigment we use a special liquid. This connects to the pigment in your tattoo and helps your skin to push it out. You’ll be able to see some results straight after your treatment and more improvement over the next four weeks.

There is aftercare involved - you'll need to keep the area especially clean and dry for a few days.

The number of sessions you’ll need depends on a lot of factors – including the size, age and color of a tattoo. On average eyebrows take two to five sessions and professional tattoos on the body can take 10 to 12 sessions. 

For cosmetic tattoo removal bookings, please contact us.