Lip Tattoo

Lip tattooing is a very popular treatment in Russia where they’ve been doing it for years and it’s just starting to get popular here in New Zealand. How does it work? There’s no mystery - we choose the color you want (it can be any color) and tattoo it into your lips! 

There are two options - lipstick effect and lip blush.

Lipstick Effect

This offers a full coverage look that last 2-3 years. This is so, so good if you’re sick of applying and reapplying lipstick every day.  

Lip blush

This offers a more transparent, soft look, like a lip tint. This is perfect if you like a natural look but want to adjust the colour of your lips.

Both options are not painful at all. Most of our clients literally sleep through! After a treatment, lips can be a little bit swollen for a couple of hours and the colour will be brighter than the final shade for 3-4 days. After healing the colour last about 18 months.

We can’t work on your lips if you have an active cold sore. If you get these we recommend you take acyclovir three days before your appointment (after consulting with your doctor). This will reduce the risk of needing to rebook your appointment.

The price is $349 per session, 2 sessions are required, 6 weeks apart.  

For more information please read our FAQ section.

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